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It’s hard to believe that we have been playing with our food for almost 30 years! In some respects we feel that our company is all grown up but our daily learning experiences sometimes dictate otherwise.

If ignorance is bliss then we are a living testament to that adage because we knew virtually nothing about the food industry when Wildly Delicious sold its first bottles. Driven by the adrenaline rush of a new venture and a set of products that had instant public acceptance we held on tight and went for the ride of our lives.

In the near three decades we have seen our share of huge successes and some really spectacular failures but more importantly, we have learned so much about something that is so fundamental to our basic existence – food. And while we have been fortunate to design and produce some really cool food lines for some of the world’s most notable companies and chefs, we never want to lose sight of the fact that food, in its simplest form, can be equally spectacular.

So as we embark on a new era with our company we hope that you will get a sense of the passion we feel for our work from the pages you browse. We redesigned the majority of our products to be simpler, cleaner, preservative and additive free versions of their former selves. At the same time, we tailored some product lines while expanding others to give you, our customers, the best product offerings our 25-plus years of experience can provide. All grown up? Maybe but we will never stop learning and exploring our passion for awesome food.


Austin A. Muscat                  Michelle Muscat

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